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Babywearing Shmaybewearing!

I had my first baby about four months ago, it’s been a whirlwind of a change! Mostly a change of interests. Being pregnant gave me a glimpse of how different things would become. Suddenly, shopping for a stroller felt like shopping for a car, seeking the perfect balance between something long-lasting and sturdy but also it had to be beautiful and sexy, to look good alongside the rest of the Brooklyn stroller crowd when we went out! Even diapering had a limitless amount of options! We decided to use reusable ones, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of diapers. I probably spent a few weeks researching all the different brands, and a good amount of money buying different styles and different brands. Even now, after purchasing everything we needed, I STILL find myself looking over others’ baby gear at the farmers market, wondering if there is something trendier than what we currently own… so I can eBay our current gear, buy the new gear, all while keeping our baby in trend with the rest!

Mexican Baby Wrap
… and me and the little one in the Mexican cotton / poly blend wrap. Looks beautiful, but its hot as balls, I promise! Cotton only next time!

So naturally the next thing to hit my radar just after his birth… Babywearing! We had purchased an Ergo and Ring Sling prior to the birth, but I found myself not completely happy with either of the two. With the Ergo, it definitely lived up to its name, very ergonomic in feel and function, but I wasn’t really happy with the look. It felt like a backpack for my baby, and I wanted to wear something that looked more natural on me (as I rarely used backpacks before he was born!). As for the ring sling, it was pretty, and I loved the way the fabric draped over me. It is a beautiful blue color, made of cotton gauze, and was extremely light! The breathability of it was even more important, as my fading memories (nightmares) of being pregnant included a ridiculous amount of heat sensitivity. So, I wanted to make sure that I could wear something that wouldn’t bring back the trauma of overheating on short walks. Celebrating the ability to not have to deal with the heat (at least I can take temporary breaks now!). Alas, even the ring sling had its faults, it was extremely uncomfortable for long stretches, bearing all of the baby’s weight on one shoulder!

Someone’s awesome wrap stash on Pinterest… I see a few Didymos Indios in there!!

Accidentally, during the first sleep deprived month, I stumbled on woven wraps. Oh my gosh! So many beautiful patterns, colors, fabric types, and and AND… you could use both shoulders! There were tons of different ways to wear them, and even some great ideas of what to do with the fabric once you’re finished using them. I NEEDED (wanted) to get one! Most countries in Africa and Asia wear their babies in a wrap, a tradition that has carried on to the present. Most of the woven wraps you’ll find on the market are German in origin. Similar to woven wraps are the Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap, they are less expensive but come in limited colors and patterns. Most of what appealed to me about baby wrapping, were with the different patterns and colorways. There are some beautiful jacquard and twill fabrics that are used in woven wraps!

So far, I’ve ordered a Didymos Houndstooth wrap from Germany… but still waiting for that to arrive! So for now, I snagged a ‘like new’ Mahogany Tablecloth on Amazon (for $16 bucks!), and found a tutorial to create a DIY Mei tai, wrap style. These are similar to wraps, in that you still have full back support, wrap-like straps, and more adjustable than the Ergo. But, quicker and easier to use because the wrapping options are limited only to one style of wrap. I also found a seller on Etsy that sells mexican woven wraps that I ordered from, but alas, they are a cotton polyester blend… so it LOOKS amazing, but MAN it is HOT… Polyester is not meant for baby wearing… not in the warmer months at least.

My DIY Tablecloth Mei Tai
My DIY Tablecloth Mei Tai

I love how it turned out! Can’t wait for the real thing to get here… I also just got some beautiful twill fabric in the mail… gonna wrap-ize it ASAP to help with the waiting time for my package to get here from Germany. So excited! Have you heard about wraps before?