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Self-Diagnosis: Drink More Water

My water bottle broke this weekend. The toddler decided at 3am to come into our room and drink my water instead of his. Finding it empty he decided to drop it on the floor, breaking the spout. The morning of work, I suddenly felt a bit sick heading to the subway to get to work without it… like I was missing something…

I should probably explain…that bottle was my only water bottle. I carry it with me everywhere… In the past I’ve fainted multiple times but only ever on the subway. Lack of oxygen? Dehydration? I never could quite figure out why, but i always carry a pack of really strong mints and a bottle of water to sip on to keep me conscious when i feel it coming on. Its been a few years now that I’ve always gotten to the point of fainting, but not actually fainted. Multiple blood work, x-rays, cat scans, and even electrode tests have failed to indicate an underlying problem. So I’ve just been dealing with it in the best way I know possible… by always having a bottle of water on me at all times. Doctors have suggested panic attacks to be the cause … but if that were so, why have years of being on antidepressants not rid me of this issue? The only thing that has been my savior these past few years have been that bottle. Even when it contained lukewarm water, the outside of the bottle always felt nice and cold on my neck. Just cold enough to keep me conscious for the last stretch of the train ride, just enough time to get to my stop and step out of the muggy, stagnant subway air… to breathe in the outside cool, fresh air.

I can always buy another bottle. Its just… I didn’t realize how much i needed it until it broke. I’m a bit worried about how this summer will pan out. Its going to be the hottest summer on record. I decided to be extra prepared, and ordered a rechargeable mini fan, and a cooling towel that evaporates to keep you feeling slightly less melty in the summer heat.

I only ever own 1 water bottle at a time. I can’t stand owning duplicate items as back up “just in case”. Mainly because my tiny nyc apt doesn’t allow for much storage so the minimal personal items theme that have carried on to include my water bottle. I guess i shouldn’t think of it as just another water bottle but more of a life saver. Maybe time to get some extra water bottles?

Art by Laura_the_gal